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Our Approach



We do not charge commission on any form of financial advice. Having operated on a professional fee basis since 2005, we firmly believe that we act for you and not some insurance company.

Before commencing any new work for you, whether as a new or existing client, we will:

·  scope out this work for you in terms of content and cost, in a client engagement letter
·  we will discuss this letter with you and ask you to sign it off before the commencement of any paid for work.

In this way we both fully understand what is expected in terms of both work and fees.

We are very comfortable discussing and indeed publishing our fees, as we are fully transparent with our clients. In addition:

·  we consider our fees particularly cost effective for larger investment sums (above £250,000)
·  our initial advice fee is based on hours worked rather than a fixed percentage amount and
·  as a result our initial advice fee for investing say £400,000 is perhaps around £3,600 (see table below - based on hours worked), rather than a more traditional 3% of the investment made (namely £9,000 here).

This is a significant saving in cost terms for you at the outset of the process.



Please contact us at for our most our most up to date Client Agreement, which provides both regulatory information and further sample fees for various advice scenarios.

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