Want to retire early? Financial planning could make it a reality and more...

15 June 2023


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We hope you find this month’s articles useful and interesting:

  • Pensions v ISAs: Tax relief makes a huge difference to your calculations

  • Want to retire early? Financial planning could make it a reality

  • Research: Money can buy happiness but what you spend it on matters

  • And more…

Want to retire early Financial planning could make it a reality and more

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Your Personal Finance Portal (PFP)

By the way, if you use our portal, provided by our back-office system Intelliflo, we've recently learned of an issue where PFP users are unable to log in to their accounts. Please note, this is unique to PFP users who access their accounts under the following conditions. All other methods remain unaffected.

  • Using an iPhone device

  • Accessing the PFP website via the personal finance portal app

  • And having 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled

How to resolve:

An update from Apple has since resolved the background issue, now that iOS 16.5 has been released. However, to fully resolve this, we do advise that the following steps are taken.

1. Clear your Cache and History from your Safari browser app on your iPhone. See steps from Apple here

2. Once clear, remove the PFP app from your iPhone device

3. Re-add the PFP app to your device and log in as usual from the re-added app

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